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Car Owner

"After the Engine Carbon Clean was used on my car (1999 Golf Mark4 2.0 GTi), there was an immediate and big difference in the delivery of power, it's incredible. The sound of the engine is now a lot quieter too, and there is also a big difference in fuel consumption.

Around town I used to be getting approx 27MPG, but now it's up to 32MPG. On my long journey recently, the consumption was up to 42MPG; I have never seen more than 37MPG on a run. My car is now simply a smoother, quieter and more pleasant experience. I would recommend this to anyone.
Mr T Johnson, Berkshire

Fleet Services

Being the manager of a hydraulic breakdown service, my vehicles are one of our biggest assets in allowing us to be 'The Fastest Emergency Hose Replacement Service' in England. Keeping them clean and tidy, and fully road worthy, is my highest priority. Helping this to happen, we recently had two of our MSUs (mobile service units) carbon cleaned by Engine Carbon Clean.

They turned up with their hydrogen cleaning apparatus, attached it into our engines air intake systems and off they went. With minimal fuss, half an hour later the results were staggering.

Not only did this improve the emissions output drastically, it improved the engines power and efficiency, meaning fuel costs have lowered. And it's going to prolong our MSUs service life.

Whilst the machine was cleaning our MSUs, there was a clear and visible deposit from the exhaust; you could literally see the carbon deposits and other containment flying out of the engine.

All the time thinking this is a glimpse into the future. I feel this is soon going to be a standard practice for all fleet based businesses, before we know it.

I cannot recommend this service highly enough; the Engine Carbon Clean team are extremely efficient and cost effective.
Garry Samroo, Centre Manager, Pirtek Park Royal


"Having noticed an immediate improvement to the performance of my bike in relation to smoothness and delivery of power, we have been using an Engine Carbon Clean product since September 2013 in our motorbike workshop on both bikes and cars for emissions reduction and performance upgrade."
Andy Stoker (owner), Avsco Motorbikes, Watford

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